Unleashing imagination starts with a book

Stories are the gateway to our body, mind and soul. They open portals to places we've never been, people we've never met, and worlds that have yet to be discovered. Every book has a beginning and it starts before you read the first page.

Exhibiting culture starts with a magazine.

Culture exudes itself on every flip of a magazine page. Whether through words or pictures, opinions or snapshots, magazines document the current trends and the latest fashions. But before culture is put on display, it is born here.

Business success starts with an annual report.

Just like a road map, an annual report shows where a company has been, where it is now, and where it's going. It's the face of a business and the path to financial success and prosperity. But no company can attain true results without producing their report with us first.

Saying hello starts with a greeting card.

It's not just words on a paper, it's a way to reach out and touch someone. Greeting cards can hug and hold, console and comfort, and generate a real connection. And it's our responsibility to create as many opportunities to welcome someone with open arms.

Gaining market share starts with a takeaway package.

Getting a meal to go brings convenience to customers and a commission to businesses. But the link that binds the transaction is the parcel that delivers the final product. It starts with a well designed and produced package that everyone will love to takeaway.


Pushing Pixels Forward

Aldar began serving the people and businesses of Qatar with its printing services in 2004. Although our company started with humble beginnings, our ambitions for future success were clear and resonate. Today, we are a full-service printing solutions provider, with 63 dedicated professionals who deliver the best work possible to our associated client partners. But we don't see ourselves as a printing press, we label ourselves as pixel pushers. We push pixels forward by redefining creative boundaries, rethinking common processes, and helping our clients reach their business results. Our philosophy is to be first with a creative solution, rather than the last stage of the creative process.

ISO 9001 (Quality Management)   ISO 14001 (Environmental Managements)   ISO 18001 (Health & Safety Management)



Our company stands on two very important pillars: quality and service. From the moment the client contacts us to the final delivery of printing materials, we ensure our pillars are encapsulated into all stages of the printing press, consistently and cohesively.


As purveyors of environmental awareness, we go beyond our means to ensure that the printing process is as eco friendly as possible. That means printing with non-toxic soya based inks, using 100% recycled paper and participating in FSC [Forest Stewardship Council] programs. By maximizing our effectiveness, we minimize the impact on the environment.


The Aldar team is made up of 63 dedicated professionals who each bring a unique set of skills, yet work collaboratively with our partners on an ongoing basis. Our pixel pushers match their passion for production and creativity with their unparalleled commitment to quality and service.


Once the ideas are down on paper and approved, it's up to our equipment to take over and finish the job. Our team is backed with a productive, reliable line-up of printing machines that come through time and time again. Whether it's spot colour or full colour, long-run litho or short-run digital, large format jobs or bespoke stationary, our set of machines offer the flexibility to take on any project. Our extensive range of printing equipment allows us to keep everything in-house, which allows us to maintain control of every stage of the production process. With our trained workforce, we can speed up and adjust workflow to handle rush jobs or tight timelines.


The measure of every printing press starts and ends with the completed product. And each piece that we showcase has an underlying story behind it. But at the heart of every successful project is a team of dedicated individuals who share a simple and communal goal - to succeed. Our collective portfolio comes in all shapes and sizes, but we are proud of each project equally. At every opportunity, collaboration mingled with innovation, and design fused with production to create a body of work, which proves that with the right workforce, clients, tools and knowhow - anything is possible.


We're a Printer and a Partner

At Aldar, we don't have clients; we have partners who share a vested interest in creating, designing and printing the best work possible. By working collaboratively, we provide dynamic and holistic solutions at all phases of the creative process so that our partnership can grow exponentially. Over the years, we've worked with businesses from various sectors and all different types of industries. No challenge is too big, and no project is too small. Our top priority is ensuring our partners receive the printing and packaging collaterals they need to achieve business results.


Contact us and Connect

Industrial Area St. 2
P.O.Box : 8545 Doha, Qatar
TEl: (+974) 4460 2607
FAX: (+974) 4460 2670
EMAIL: info@aldarprinting.com

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